A Darling Old Friend and Darling Harbour

February 22, 2013: Sydney.

Lunch with the Bishop’s wife!

Big plans today! I Met Margaret Forsyth (formerly Margaret Shelly) on the Town Hall steps on the corner of George and Park streets, and we had lunch in a nearby shopping area – complete with Australian wine. Margaret stayed with the Burnell Eckardt family on AFS in the 60’s and was a good friend of Jinny’s. She had pictures of her family, her husband Robert, and their four kids and 11 grandkids, all living in Sydney.

Robert is a bishop in the Anglican Church, and since he is the senior bishop, he will become the Arch Bishop of Australia for a period of time until a new one is elected. They have traveled extensively in their church connection, and Margaret said that Robert has had opportunities to meet many interesting and prominent people; he’s met the Pope and is on a first name basis with the Prime Minister of Australia! The Anglican Church in Australia is affiliated with the English Anglican Church, but they are independent in their governance. Margaret works in outreach services for the Methodist Church. Lovely lady. We had fun!

Here’s Margaret, AFS exchange student to Sheboygan.

More quilting CULT-ure.
Then I taxied to a western suburb to the huge and fabulous Logan’s Patchwork Fabrics, which was highly recommended by June, one of my new Brisbane quilting friends at APatchy Quilting in Brisbane. It’s at 111 Moore Street in Leichhardt, a $27 taxi ride from the Town Hall.

Here’s Logan’s Patchwork.

Success! I found a gorgeous selection of Australian-designed Aboriginal fabrics. I bought a big charm pack ($29.95) and a whole selection of fabrics, 30 cm each, with selection help from the shop owner Margaret Kirkby. Margaret was extremely hospitable. She ran upstairs to retrieve a quilt she had done using Aboriginal fabrics, and she took time to help me select a range of fabrics, from dark to light. She even gave me a Australian Patchwork magazine – the main quilting publication in Australia – and she was featured on the cover with a profile inside.

Yep, I bought all of these – but only 30 cm of each!

This is surely boring for you, dear reader, unless you are part of the quilting CULT-ure, but a fat square is $5.50 in Australia and fabric of this type is $22.95 and $24.95 per meter – a meter is 1 yard 3″. That would be expensive! Then figure the extra 5% for the dollar exchange rate! My bill was $120.66. Much of the fabric in this shop is made in the US, but of course not the ones I bought. They had a great selection of Japanese fabrics too, but I restrained myself!

Here’s the Fossil Fern red 05 “spice” which I will buy at home and put with the Aborigine fabric (the fossil Fern line was another suggestion from my friends at APatchy Quilting in Brisbane.) Now isn’t this gorgeous?

Bus system is screwed up in Sydney.

I took the city bus from Leichhardt to Darling Harbour – figuring that I had time to take in another sight and dinner since John was having dinner with the Kohler guys and customers tonight. The bus system is kind of screwed up. When I got on the bus in Leichhardt and offered a $10 bill to the driver, a lady on the bus moaned, “Ah, come on!” Too much of a delay to make change when everyone else has a prepaid pass. Then later when I changed buses to go to Darling Harbour, the lady bus driver said, “You can’t get on without a prepaid pass.” I said, “Where do I go to get a prepaid pass?” She said, “We’ll, just get on this one time!”

Photos of Darling Harbour, Sydney:

And of course, my braised lamb shank at Passello restaurant in the Harbour. Let’s get TJ to replicate this!

My fabrics, spread out on the bed at the hotel:

Update!! Two months later, April 23, 2013. Here are the Aboriginal fabrics in the form of a table runner and a throw size quilt. Time to travel to Asia again! We leave next week for Thailand, Hong Kong, China and the Philipines!

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Location:Sydney, Australia


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