Esslingen and Frankfurt, Friends and Faucets

Esslingen, Germany, March 9 -11, 2013

We spent a wonderful weekend with our dear friends the Hein family in Esslingen. This friendship goes back over twenty years, starting when Annette spent six months with us in Sheboygan on the Esslingen/Sheboygan Sister City exchange program. Sarah lived with the Hein family the following semester.

We enjoyed the Mineraltherme Spa with Gunter and Ingrid in Boblingen, and then had a delicious Swabian dinner with the whole family and grand children in Boblingen.

The Mineraltherme Spa in Boblingen in summer – with outdoor pool.

Spring is already coming to Aichwald.

A wine tasting in Esslingen: The “Esslinger Wein & Genuss-Forum.

A German breakfast, with bread fresh from the baker.

Going to Germany always feels a little like coming home. On the Heins’ guest room door hangs a sign saying “The Sheboygan Room.” It was given to Heins by our nephew Bill Jacob, who became the second exchange connection with the Hein family when he exchanged with Annette’s sister Susanne. What a joy this life friendship has been – and who knows how and when the next chapter of the Sheboygan Essingen student exchange will take place.

Frankfurt, Germany, March 11- 15, 2013.

And now, a few photos of Frankfurt, where John attended ISH, the big bathroom products convention. We stayed at the Dubai based hotel Jumeirah, where we were offered hot wet towels and tea upon arrival.

Snow on the city of Frankfurt.

Museum row along the Main.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with German meat market counters.

A stunning performance by a guy in a bathtub at the Kohler booth.

The magnificent Stadel Art Museum in Frankfurt.

The modern art wing of the Stadel.

I walked back to the Jumeirah Hotel from Museum row.

Now we’re on the plane home to Wisconsin after a full month of travel. Thirteen flights in total. Chicago-Sydney-Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney-Bankok-Hong Kong-Shanghai-Seoul-Istanbul-Stuttgart-Frankfurt-Chicago-Kohler. Okay, one wasn’t a flight but a train between Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Yes, that amounts to a trip around the world. This may be just another series of days at the office for John, but for me this was a great adventure.

Just kidding about John. He says he had fun too!

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Location:Esslingen, Germany, Frankfurt


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