Ice Candy Pork and Hong Kong High Finance

Monday May 5th
Ice Candy Pork and Hong Kong High Finance

Dear foodies, the best thing I can report to you about Hong Kong is that there is such a thing in the world as iced candy pork. We had this dish at the Lee House in Wan Chai as guests of our new friend Ross Lubinski – the son of our friends in Sheboygan.

The decoration on the top is actually candy – a spun sugar dragon. Plunged into the ice are nuggets of sweet sour pork which are coated with a thin layer of candy. Once you crackle through the cold candy the pork morsels are warm and delicious. The strawberries and plums and bits of other fruit on the top are also glazed in candy. They look like jewels and they taste like heaven. OMG.

We learned about living in Hong Kong from Ross, a young guy in his late twenties, who works at the monetary authority in the International Financial Center. He’s has been here about a year, and he lived in Taipei for three years before this. He apparently sits in the catbird seat of global money markets. He spoke with clear, clipped words – in phrases which would be understood by Asians with billions of dollars at stake. The masters of the universe economics discussion set my head spinning, and made me marvel once again at how our kids and our friends’ kids all got so smart (while I have to write everything down…).

Good food, no space.
Ross said one big plus of Hong Kong life is the food: you can eat anything you want; food from anywhere in the world is good here. On the negative side, though, is the space issue. Ross pays $2,000 (US) a month for 400 square feet of space. Ross said, “It’s about the size of your bedroom. No one entertains in their apartments and I miss that. It would be so nice to say, ‘let’s get together at my place and watch a football game,’ but what do you do? Your friends all sit on your bed? That’s awkward.” He smiled.

I can’t wait to tell Ann in person what a nice kid she raised.

Back to the lanes. I ventured out via MTR to Central and “The Lanes,” Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West, to do a little shopping. Picked up a few more scarves and silk-covered bowls at “Elegant Tang Dynasty,” and found more silk pillow covers and an adorable swim suit for Anelise’s second birthday. The prices are almost fixed here – with a little room for bargaining.

Two narrow, crowded shopping streets run cross-ways between Queens Road and Des Voeux Road in the financial district.

So maybe I should have bought this purse? 600 Hong Kong dollars or about $75. I didn’t.

Martha – Madly Traveling Asia with Faucet Marketing Husband

Location:Hong Kong


4 thoughts on “Ice Candy Pork and Hong Kong High Finance

  1. Mouth-watering fun, Martha! – and gorgeous to look at. Is Ross Lubinski the son of Ann Lubinski from our church? Ann comes to the Thursday study group. Waiting to hear more of your fascinating travels… Love, Alice

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