Part Two: New Shanghai Museum of Art & Dinner with Lili

The Shanghai Museum of Art: International Photo Collection (See “The New Shanghai Museum of Art” posted earlier for the Chinese art.)

The following are favorites from a collection of international photos – the first photo of a gym class is titled, “Making of a champion.” Look at those faces!

Happy kids – international language.

And who doesn’t love a smile like this?

We had dinner with Lili Guan, my Shanghai friend from Lakeland College. Lili was in my Computer Design class during her semester stay at Lakeland and several times a guest at our house for Chinese food – which she made for us! She is a teacher at the Shanghai Finance University. She took us to dinner at our hotel with her cousin Billy, a hungry young man who made many trips back to the buffet table. Lily always calls me her revered teacher – and that feels good.

Martha – Madly Traveling Asia with Faucet Marketing Husband

Location:Shanghai, China


3 thoughts on “Part Two: New Shanghai Museum of Art & Dinner with Lili

  1. So happy to be able to “share” your enjoyable meetings with friends, and fabulous meals at exotic spots. Shanghai is cool !!! What is sashimi ? Love, Alice

  2. Sashimi – raw fish and seafood. I only eat it if I have to (weigh an insult to a gag). John loves it – especially tuna. As a snorkeler and a diver, I can’t bring myself to think about biting a hunk out of the animals which are delighting me!

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