Dongdaemun Fabric Market: How to find Quilt Fabric & Happy Quilt in Seoul

April 28, 2015

There are a number of blog posts about searching for the holy grail at The labyrinth of fabric booths at Dongdaemun Market in Seoul: cotton quilting fabric. Most of the bloggers have staggered from the hot, crowded vendor tunnels after miles and miles of toile, feather boas, satin scarves and little girl hair accessories only to conclude that the quilter’s prize is simply not buried here.

sparkling and feathery accessories…where’s the quilt fabric?



silky fabric for Korean Hanbok …

Wrong! The best cotton quilt fabrics can be found at the Happy Quilt booth on the fifth floor (section B) of one of the MANY fabric buildings. The trick is to get the right building and then search for this booth (near a set of elevators).

Happy Quilt Booth!


 We showed the vendors at the Happy Quilt booth our pictures from a recent visit to their Jije warehouse, and they became instant friends!


Not a big booth, but plenty of great fabrics at Happy Quilt.


Here are the numbers- the secret code that opens a world of stunning fabrics at only $4 (4,000 won) per yard. 

Dongdaemun Market
Booth 5215

Happy Quilt 



Here’s the Happy Quilt booth from the aisle – you can see the sign above.

Happy Quilt also has a huge warehouse at the Jije Subway Station outside of Seoul (see my blog posts about Happy Quilt, but if you are in Seoul and don’t have time to get out of town, this booth at Dongdaemun has a nice selection and the prices are the same.

How to find the Happy Quilt Booth: 
Take the metro to the Dongdaemun Station and take exit 2 or 8 which comes up in front of the JW Marriott. 

JW Marriott

There are a number of buildings that look the same, all fabric stores with multiple floors, so it’s very important that you get the right building. Trust me; I dragged John through a number of them. 

Go into the fabric building that is to the left of the entrance to the JW Marriott. (Same side of the street.) Then go to the 5th floor (which is huge with hundreds of booths) and look for section B and ask someone to direct you to the booth numbers above.

People generally don’t speak English. But they will be able to direct you to these numbers.

Upholstery fabric here somewhere?

In addition to quilt fabric, the Dongdaemun Fabric Market PROBABLY has good upholstery fabric. We never found it, after hours of asking, gesturing, showing pictures of our dining room chairs, and dragging up and down sweaty stairways. If any of you quilting bloggers can direct me to upholstery fabric in Dongdaemun, please give me the secret code.
The only way to recover from the failed search for upholstery fabric in Dongdaemun  was a beer in the charming garden tavern overlooking the East Gate from the fortress walls of the old city of Seoul, built in 1398. Perfect setting for the legendary quest for just the right fabric.



9 thoughts on “Dongdaemun Fabric Market: How to find Quilt Fabric & Happy Quilt in Seoul

  1. Yes. Years ago, So Korea was a big producer of silk. Now, because the traditional silk production process is so labor intensive, So Korea is a huge processor (not producer) of silk and silk garments. You’ll find lots of unusual silk at Dongdaemun! By the way, love your blog Gabi!

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  3. Hello, I’m wondering if this is a good place for dressmaking fabric too? I’ve not seen too many blog post about the best places for dressmaking fabric in Seoul. I was hoping to get some Japanese stuff if possible! and would it be worth it to visit Happy Quilt’s warehouse for dressmaking fabric? I saw pictures from another post of yours and it looked amazing but I’m not a quilter so I’m not sure about travelling so far out. Thanks for the help 🙂

    • I enjoyed looking at your Megsewing blog! Thanks for asking about places in Seoul for dressmaking fabric. I think you’ll find lots of dress making fabric at the Dongdaemun Market right in Seoul- really that’s what most of the fabric was. I’m pretty sure you could find Japanese kimono type fabric there. As I mentioned in my post, be prepared to walk miles! There are tons of embellishments for clothing there too – embroidered pieces, fringes, you name it.

      I would not bother to go out of town to Jiju Station if you are not interested in cotton quilt fabric – that’s really mostly what they have at Happy Quilt Warehouse.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks for getting back to me and looking at my blog. Brilliant, I thought Dongdaemun market was the place. I think I’m going to take the whole day to fabric shop 🙂

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