A Tale of Two Kitties: Jerusalem

This story from Jerusalem is written for Anelise (5) and Hannah Jean Roy (4). Since Anelise and Hannah Jean love kitties so much, I thought they might like a story of two kitties who live in the old city of Jerusalem. We visited the old city yesterday.


This Kitty’s named Hakotel. She lives in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem which is also called Hakotel. She plays on the stone slabs which pave the big area at the Western Wall of Jerusalem, and many people stop to pet her. Some of the people look different. Some men have long beards funny hats, and curls at the sides of their faces.

Hakotel the kitty doesn’t know it, but underneath the stones where she plays are older stones from the time when Jesus used to walk to and from the Temple. The Temple where Jesus prayed and taught used to be on a big platform, the temple mount, above the big wall where people are praying now.


People are praying at the wall, and some people are putting little prayers in the cracks of the rocks on the wall. Kitty wonders, what are all these people thinking? Maybe some of them who stand and touch the wall are thinking about the time when Abraham took his son Isaac to the place above the wall and had a conversation with God. Maybe some are praying for their families or for peace.

Here’s a girl named Sophie who is putting a little piece of paper into a crack in the Western Wall.
Kitty Hakotel wonders, what is she wishing for?

This Kitty’s name is Hashalshelet. She has a long name and she is named after a street that leads into the Muslim quarter in Jerusalem, just a little north of where Kitty Hakotel is living. Many people stop to pet Hashalshelet too, as they rush back and forth from the busy spice markets called shuks. Mmmmm, it smells so good to Hashalshelet!

Some of these people look different too – some ladies are dressed in back, and little girls have their heads wrapped in colorful scarves.


The kitty Hashaloshelet notices that lots of people stop and gather at signs posted along the road called the Via Dolorosa. They talk in soft voices and then move on through the stone alleyways to the next sign post. Kitty wonders, what are these people thinking? She doesn’t know that these people are Christians and they are following a special path with 14 stopping points. They are walking in the very same places where Jesus walked with the cross on his way to Mount Calvary. These people stop to pet Kitty Hashalshelet too.


Via Dolorosa.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Kitty Hakotel and Kitty Hashalshelet don’t know each other, even though they they live a short walk from one another. But they both love Jerusalem very much and they feel happy to live in a place which so many different people seem to love so much. And all of the people are nice to Kitty Hakotel and Kitty Hashalshelet. Jerusalem is an interesting place!

These are little girls in the Muslim section. They love kitties just like Anelise and Hannah Jean.


8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Kitties: Jerusalem

  1. Great story and pictures, especially of the two girls reading on the steps. Hopefully the kittys and people they represent will find a measure of peace and justice in that that historic (and contemporary) place.

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